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Swarangi Leheriya Potli

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Swarangi Leheriya Potli
Quantity: 500 grams gulaal 
Ingredients: filled with the best of our natural pastel Swarang Holi gulaals Read more here
Four colour options available: 1. Neem Sanrachana (Green) 2. Sunahra Dhamaal (Yellow) 3. Gulabi Nagariya (Jaipur Pink) 4. Shvet Abeer (White) Browse the four colours here
Size: app. 10" x 10"
Weight: app. 500 grams

We can ship all over India, but are unable to offer international shipping for these products currently. 
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Orders and enquiries: Email us / 9818210894  
Beautiful printed Leheriya tie-dye Potlis from the Jaipur bazaar, holding within them four luxurious colours: natural, artisanal blends for Holi; made in Jaipur, using local ingredients, scented with traditional attars.
The Potlis can be re-used as accessories or for functional storage. 
Muse: Krati Yaduvanshi