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A large part of the Red Earth collection is centred around Pichvais, and other art from the Nathdwara and allied schools, establishing an authentic and intimate approach towards collecting this art form, which today, is very popular but can also be overtly gimmicky. 

Pichvais on Cloth: We showcase the rich tradition of Pichvais, paintings on cloth, that depict the various forms of Krishna as Shrinathji, the main deity of the Pushti-Marg denomination of Vaishnavism, head-quartered today, in Nathdwara, Rajasthan. The Nathdwara tradition has a rich iconography and visual culture and we present historic and contemporary examples from the tradition as part of the collection.

Nathdwara Paper Works: This constitutes a sub-genre allied to the Pichvai tradition, following a similar vocabulary, but in smaller formats, using the medium of paper. The tradition of paper works tends to also feature images of the other main deities of the Pushti marg and often other, secular subjects also.