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Time Machine

Welcome to our Time Machine!

We have been curating art since 2006; and we take you back into time to explore some of our previous art projects....

The Monsoon Festival 16, 2021

Lockdown Chaumasa: The Monsoon Festival 15; 2020

Art @ Red Earth Calendar, 2020

The Monsoon Festival 14, 2019 @ Jaipur Modern

Cabinet of Curiosities, 2019 @ Coomaraswamy Hall, Mumbai

Cabinet of Curiosities, 2019 @ KK Square, Jaipur

The Monsoon Festival, 13, 2018 @ City Palace, Jaipur

Prakash Parv, 2018 @ Alliance Francaise de Delhi

Pichvais of Shrinathji Calendar, 2018

The Monsoon Festival 12, 2017, New Delhi

Textiles at the Jaipur Court, Calendar 2017

Nathdwara: Visual Cultures of Shrinathji (The Monsoon Festival 11), 2016: Alliance Francaise de Delhi

Celebrating Krishna (The Monsoon Festival 10), 2015: Alliance Francaise de Delhi - E-CATALOGUE / EXHIBITION DISPLAY / OPENING PICTURES

Krishna Calendar (from the Bharany Collection), 2015

Sawan Navrasa (Solo show by Debarchan Rout / The Monsoon Festival 9), 2014: Alliance Francaise de Delhi

Festivals of Jaipur Calendar, 2014 (with MSMSII Museum, City Palace, Jaipur)

Bluminescence by Ameet Singh (The Monsoon Festival 8), 2013: Blue Frog, New Delhi

Urban Village Calendar, 2013

Decoding Indian Contemporary Art (Workshop), 2013

The Monsoon Chapter 7 (Solo show by Om Prakash / The Monsoon Festival 7), 2012: Alliance Francaise de Delhi - E CATALOGUE / OPENING PICTURES 

Digital Malhaar by Ameet Singh, 2012: Alliance Francaise de Delhi 

The Monsoon Chapter 6 (Solo show by Debarchan Rout / The Monsoon Festival 6), 2011: Alliance Francaise de Delhi

The Genda Calendar, 2011

The Monsoon Chapter 5 (The Genda Phool Project edition), 2010: Latitude 28 & Exhibit 320, New Delhi

Art for Diwali, 2009 / ARTWORKS

The Monsoon Chapter (The Monsoon Festival 4), 2009: Gallerie Nvya, New Delhi

Posters on Climate Change (The Monsoon Festival 4), 2009: Max Mueller Bhawan, New Delhi

Monsoon Fashion (The Monsoon Festival 4), 2009: Select Citywalk, New Delhi / EXHIBITION DISPLAY

Spring Art Night, 2009: TLR, New Delhi 

Calendar Art, 2009: Apparao Galleries, New Delhi

The Greeting Card Project 3 by Ishan Khosla; 2008

The Monsoon Chapter (The Monsoon Festival 3), 2008

Celebrating Krishna (The Monsoon Festival 3), 2008

Monsoon Fashion (The Monsoon Festival 3), 2008: Vis-a-Vis Space, New Delhi 

Holi 2008: Rafaels Gallery, New Delhi

Abstracts in Indian Yellow, 2008: Global Arts Village, New Delhi / ARTWORKS /  OPENING PICTURES / PRESS REVIEW

Abstract 2008

The Dark Room, 2008: Academy of Photographic Excellence, New Delhi

Festival of Lights / The Mega Laxmi, 2007: Alliance Francaise de Delhi

Summer 2007: Baci, New Delhi

The Greeting Card Project, 2007

Cool 5, 2007: Lansdowne Gallery, Mumbai

The Monsoon Festival 2, 2007 (Painting, Photography and Fashion Exhibitions): British Council, Max Mueller Bhawan & Travancore House, New Delhi

Holi 2007: Art Room, New Delhi

Abstract 2007 (Diary)

The Greeting Card Project, 2006

The Monsoon Festival 1, 2006: Alliance Francaise de Delhi

Holi Camp, 2006: Global Arts Village, New Delhi

Metrospective: Visual Representations of Metrosexuality, 2006: Alliance Francaise de Delhi 

Met-Fest: Masculinities in the City, 2005: Various Venues, Mumbai