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Swarang: Artisanal Holi Gulaals














Swarang: Artisanal Holi Gulaals

Pure, natural, & luxurious artisanal blends for Holi

A sensual delight – of sights, colours, fragrances and textures

Made exclusively from edible materials, and scented with pure, traditional attars...

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Welcome to स्वरँग / Swarang : a new coinage which denotes "self-made colours". The Swarang project, has since 2013 introduced a fascinating array of artisanal Holi gulaal blends, which both revive traditional recipes, as well as experiment with newer compositions to present a range of natural, safe and luxurious Gulaals. Our master blenders have been at the forefront of experimentation and our gulaals have been widely loved and cherished loyally by our patrons for years now. 

The Gulaals always use fresh, natural, pure and local ingredients, and when we moved to Jaipur in 2018, our Gulaal collections acquired a new flavour with the use of several hitherto unexplored materials. We make our Gulaals intimately, at home in Jaipur, and are inspired by the magic of Holi, Vaishnavite traditions, and the city of Jaipur in this process. 

Never felt before, artisanal gulaals by our in house master blenders. Rare sensual delights you will love to throw this Holi.

Here is a small peek into four of our best-selling Jaipuri Gulaals:

Shvet Abeer
White abeer has traditionally been popular in spring festivities, but this aesthetic of purity and ecological sustainability is lost in urban India today. In Krishna temples across the country, we are still blessed with a similar abeer during the Holi sevas. It also allows you to play endlessly, wipe out the colour with this white powder, and then start all over again! 
Ingredients: Natural multi-grain flours, camphor 


Neem Sanrachana 

Neem Sanrachna is made powerful and therapeutic by the addition of the wonder medicine Azadirachta Indica, laced in good measure with auspicious Mehendi (henna).
Ingredients: Arrowroot base, natural colourants and aromas

Sunahra Dhamaal
Sunahra Dhamaal brings together some very special colourants: the potent turmeric combines with Ramraj (yellow earth) to make your colour play sensational.  
Ingredients: Arrowroot base, natural colourants and aromas

Gulabi Nagariya
Inspired by the pink of Jaipur, this blend resonates with the gentle terracotta that envelopes the beloved city in an unforgettable wash of colour. 
Geru (Red ochre) forms the basis of this colour dream, interspersed with tiny yellow specks of fuller’s earth (Multani mitti), to give you a complex blend. 
Ingredients: Arrowroot base, natural colourants and aromas