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Framing Options

Currently, the prices quoted on each of the artworks do not include any framing costs but framing services are available at an additional cost. 

Please contact us after placing your order, if you'd like us to frame your artwork. Please indicate the choice of frame, and any special requirements (for example, re. the size of the display wall where you plan to install the artwork, or the mood and feel that you would like to create with it, in a particular setting; or specific framing directions). 

We will then provide you with an additional cost for the framing, and a rough sketch of the proposed frame, and after you approve and pay this, we will process your order. Kindly note that framing will also push up shipping costs, and we will happy to indicate the breakup for the same in our costing, if you so desire.

We suggest that you choose from the following three types of frames, which we use most often. The choice of frame depends on the artwork, or the brief you may give us (with reference to your space / wall and the like). 

Apart from these standard framing options, suggested below, we are also happy to suggest customised framing options for particular artworks, based on your suggestions / brief, if any. 

Frames are shipped with an acrylic facing instead of glass, since acrylic is a less breakable material. However, acrylic tends to scratch easily, and hence you may at some point want to replace the acrylic in the frame with glass, upon your discretion.  

We can also provide you with details for archival framing (which uses archival quality frames, mounts, and museum quality glass). 

We can also suggest framing options for Textile Art, Pichvais, and display / installation options for other three dimensional artworks like sculptures, objects and installations. Please see the second image below for a suggested framing for Pichvais and Textile Art pieces. 



 From L to R:

1. Minimal Natural: Natural Colour Frame / Beige (or White) Mount

2. Minimal Black: Black Colour Frame / White or Off-White Mount

3. Ornamental Teak Finish: Tapered Natural Wood Teak Finish Frame with Golden Painted Rim / Brocade Mount / Second Mount (Off White) (The brocade fabric used for the artwork is only for reference, and will change depending on the colour / pattern requirements for a particular artwork. You may leave this to our discretion, or request for an image of the brocade for approval.)

Note: All frames use good quality Indian natural wood. 

The suggested frame width and mount dimensions will be concurrent with the size of the artwork. 

Permutations and combinations of the above are also possible. Kindly indicate your suggestions, or if you would like us to suggest the frame. 



This images features a scroll style textile frame using handloom Indian brocade and pure handloom raw silk fabric, which can be suspended from the ceiling or hung on a wall. Contact us for framing ideas for your Textile Art piece or Pichvai, or display/installation options for your Sculpture / Installation / Object.