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Jaidev Tripathy: Death Row (Central Vista Redevelopment Project)

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Jaidev Tripathy (Artist Profile)
Death Row (Central Vista Redevelopment Project)
Digital Archival Print (Mixed Media w. drawing and digital rendering)
19 x 25” / 47 x 64 cms
Signed; Edition of 15
(The work will be shipped without a frame rolled in a tube).
Artist Statement: "For a country that takes pride in the value of democracy, it has been heart-breaking to witness the categorisation of this project as ‘essential’ at a time when India was one of the worst-hit COVID countries in the world; as ashy smoke rose from funeral pyres overloaded with dead bodies. I am sure everyone noticed the collapsing medical and healthcare facilities, which have been demanding attention for years but were never classified as 'essential' by our leaders despite a year of succumbing to COVID. 

It feels almost unfair for a significant portion of the population to feel shunned by the design process of the Central Vista Redevelopment Project. This is not merely a building, but a public space, especially for the people who proudly reclaimed the space throughout the years after Independence. Revealing ambiguous final designs merely hinting at power and new legacy, spaces of cultural importance like the IGNCA and National Museum are sacrificed and re-birthed!

This conceptual illustration is an ode to a new low; an apocalyptic world of sorts which is how I viewed Delhi in 2021. The smoke and dark clouds emerging from collapsing medical buildings in the background and funeral pyres are also symbolic of apathy and indifference. The nightmarish tone, emerges from very real circumstances and experiences as reported in the media." 

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