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Jaidev Tripathy (Profile)

Jaidev Tripathy (b. 1988, India)

About his work

Often captivated by spaces, perspectives, and human behaviour in intricate relationships with their surroundings, Jaidev has set on a journey to document these into narratives within everyday context. His illustrations form a core part of this journey, depicting urban spaces and narratives. The expressive hand sketches uniquely merging with digital painting prompt a moment of pause, as one viscerally engages with the visual stories. 

  • B.Arch (Architecture); Sushant School of Art and Architecture, Gurgaon; 2021
  • Nrtya Showcase 010 - Multi-Disciplinary Art Exhibit, 2021
  • Nrtya Showcase 011 - Multi-Disciplinary Art Exhibit, 2021
  • Optikal Asylum Artist Showcase - Art Exhibit and Pop-Up, 2021
  • Nrtya Showcase 014 - Multi-Disciplinary Art Exhibit, 2021
  • The Art Curry 01 - Art Market, 2021
  • YCIS (Young Creative Indian Space) Community Podcast