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Jaidev Tripathy: Chaos Story (Pahad Ganj)

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Jaidev Tripathy (Artist Profile)
Chaos Story (Pahad Ganj)
Digital Archival Print (Mixed Media w. drawing and digital rendering)
13.5 x 18.5” / 35 x 47 cms
Signed; Edition of 15
(The work will be shipped without a frame rolled in a tube).
Artist Statement: "As part of an Urban Studies semester in Architecture University, I became familiar with Paharganj, a unique urban district in Central Delhi. The chaos and rawness of urban life and its fractured structures spoke to me. It prompted me to express the story of this place in its natural form, stripping off the advertised night-time glitz and glamour.                                             

In cinema and pop-culture, Paharganj has often been depicted as the dark Indian underbelly, due to its disorderly urban planning, an eclectic mixture of architecture spanning centuries, the small bazaars selling a variety of items and a composition of the electrical wires hanging everywhere. The 6-Tooti Chowk, a historically significant space in the centre of the Main Bazaar, embodied these elements very well, all characters of the noir cinema universe. This monochromatic-noir atmosphere defined the ‘image’ of this illustration, with a focus on details, elements and shadows rather than merely colour and advertisement.

To capture and express the raw storyline through a single frame, I decided on giving it a monochromatic look while keeping the strokes rough and natural. This prompted me to choose hand-sketches as my primary medium of representation. Inspired by illustrator Carlo Stanga, and the language of Pablo Picasso’s painting ‘Guernica’, I rendered shadows digitally to add extra depth and achieve the chaotic vibrancy of this urban district through my illustration."

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