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Jaidev Tripathy: एक पुरानी गली : An Old Alley (Mehrauli)

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Jaidev Tripathy (Artist Profile)
एक पुरानी गली : An Old Alley (Mehrauli)
Digital Archival Print (Mixed Media w. drawing and digital rendering)
13.5 x 18.5 ” / 35 x 47 cms
Signed; Edition of 15
(The work will be shipped without a frame rolled in a tube).
Artist Statement: "उस पुरानी गली में भी एक नज़ारा छुपा है, जो वक़्त के साथ बदलता रहता है 

That old alley has a view of its own, which transforms with passing time…

This urban illustration is of a fascinating segment of an old street market in Mehrauli; one that made me pause as I passed through it. A dilapidated brick wall serves as a background for a street hawker and barber to set up shop, which face in opposite directions. The scattered elements and the folded tarpaulin serve as a barrier between the two (establishing the idea of personal space within shared space), adding to the composition.                                            

Initially meant to be a practice sketch, it evolved into two more detailed illustration versions; one being a dusk version, and one after the sun set and an overhead bulb lit up. I realised I had witnessed the space through this transition of time, noticing the subtle change of character through light and shadow, as the elements played their part with usual consistency."

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