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Gulaal Gotas

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Deepak raswant
Excellent product

Loved the quality. Amazing collection.

Priyanka Patel
Best Holi ever!

This was my first Holi in jaipur and Himanshu helped with these gorgeous boxes of gulal gotas in the last minute - real saviour. They served as perfect weaponry and turned adults to children instantly. Best thing ever!

Gulaal Gotas / Colour Bombs
Quantity: 6 gulaal gotas in a cardboard box 
Ingredients: Gulaal gotas, balls of lac filled with gulaal
Two options: 1. Pink City Colours: stuffed with the best of factory made saturated solid colour traditional Gulaals available (these are not natural) 2. Swarangi Gulaal Gotas: filled with the best of our natural pastel Swarang Holi gulaals. Read more here
Size of box: 7.5 x 5.5 x 2 inches
Weight: app. 200 grams 

Since the product is fragile it cannot be couriered. For bulk quantities we can offer hand delivery to any city in India. For Delhi and Jaipur we can offer a hand delivery service at delivery costs as charged in the website. For other cities, please enquire re delivery in your city before ordering the product. 
We are unable to offer international shipping for these products currently. 
Contact us to customise orders for celebrations & gifts.
Orders and enquiries: Email us / 9818210894  
A centuries-old device popular in the royal city of Jaipur, Gulaal Gota is indeed a unique way to play Holi colour. Traditional lac craftsmen invest hours in making these balls of colour, by blowing balloons of lac and then stuffing them with gulaal. In the Indo-Gangetic belt, this Holi device is also known as ‘Kumkuma’ and often finds a mention in Vaishnava Holi songs. 
How to use: Throw a gulaal gota on your loved ones and it bursts open and offers a splash of colour. Secret surprise!