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Pankaja Sethi

The story of Pankaja Sethi started with recreating, reviving and reinterpreting traditional forms into contemporary textiles. Her experimentation on running unstitched fabric with diverse vocabularies and fluid drapes across rural and semi-urban spaces of India is creating a space for the new audience that is interested in nuances of lost tradition and participating in creating transition adapted from Indian traditions. Sethi creates hand-woven experimental textiles inspired from indigenous traditions weaving design language, craft and innovation together. Her textiles are aesthetically simple and modern with contemporary appeal made by weavers of Odisha.

Tussar Booti Stole
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Beige Ikat Stole
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Tussar Sujani Stole
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Pink Boro Stole 2
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Pink Boro Stole 1
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Green Ikat Stole
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