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View between Bombay and Pune (John Adnum)

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India Visual Art Archive
View between Bombay and Pune (Artist: John Adnum)
Oil on Canvas
17 x 23”; 43 x 59 cms 
from the collection of Mrinal Kapadia
(The work will be shipped without a frame, packed flat, or rolled in a tube). 
An interesting mid twentieth century landscape painting by the artist John Adnum, depicting a scene near Bombay. A settlement is pictured in the foreground, whilst the dark rain clouds roll in, signalling the start of the monsoon season. Well painted, it brings the vastness and wildness of the Indian landscape to life. In original condition, the painting is signed on the right and has all the details of the painting on the reverse. On the back of the canvas there is a rare instance of another oil sketch, suggesting this painting was executed on the spot, and not re-worked on later in a studio (possibly due to the lack of another immediately available canvas.) The artist has signed details on a piece of paper that was attached to the back of the canvas frame, which stated that it was painted on the hills near “Bombay - Poona”, evidently in the Western Ghats, at a camp site near a place called ‘Alexandra Gate’, and this painting was re-ratified by the artist in 1998, when, one would imagine, he chanced upon it at an art gallery in Kingston-upon-Thames, London.
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