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Sarita Chouhan: Untitled 1

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Sarita Chouhan (Artist Profile)
Untitled 1
Pen and marker on paper
16 x 11.5”; 41.5 x 29.5 cm
(The work will be shipped without a frame, packed flat in board)
Artist Statement: “ In my art practice I have used symbols from nature, both animate and inanimate – a leaf becoming a feminine spirit, a stem with threads tied around standing tall, stones becoming bodies, seeds symbolizing birth – a new life. In form and in the formless, the search is for the essence, the core, the spirit.
The works are meditative and the act of repetition is an intrinsic part of the process:  tiny seeds are drawn multiple times, like a ‘japa’ of ‘mantra’ they appear again and again, lines are entwined, inter-connecting, stretching far and wide, meeting, crossing, they are mapping memories, without borders or boundaries. Or perhaps it is a fabric, a garb covering the body, the body of this earth, with its warp and weft, stretching and weaving threads, threads that inter-connect and bind, appearing at times like a mesh around – protecting this delicate balance. In this web of life there is energy and there is a flow- suggesting that we are part of nature and not separate from it.”
The series features two works. The works can be hung together as a set (please refer to second image). The other work is listed separately on the website, and the price listed here is for a single artwork only.