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Sanjeev Sonpimare: 2020

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Sanjeev Sonpimpare (Artist Profile)
Ink, mixed media on archival paper 
10 works of 11 x 15” /  28 x 38 cms each; 2020
(The work will be shipped without a frame packed flat). 

Curatorial Statement: “Executed during the peak Lockdown period, with scarce resources and materials; this set of works in a diary-like format, is a visual manifestation of the physical isolation, and the resultant contemplation experienced during this time. 

Sonpimpare has been following a vocabulary of fracture and linear segmentation for several years now, and has achieved proficiency in this now well known iconic style now unmistakably identified with him. However, recent times see the artist developing newer, fresher idioms, almost as if starting from the drawing board all over again. Espousing the pre-defined artistic style of the haloed and large format canvas works, now the artist works in smaller-format paper works… The vocabulary is delightfully amorphous as the artist playfully experiments with newer ideas to communicate, freely using multifarious visual references from the natural world, built urban environments, sciences, or the arts. The act of writing or scribbling becomes a vehicle of expressing inner thoughts directly, and also functions as a visual element in the drawing. While the style achieves this envigoured eclecticism and fluidity; on the other hand, the meaning, purport and significance of the art now is much more direct, critical and corrosive, than ever was in his earlier works. Politically invested, these works, akin to other recent works by the artist, are capable of great power and commentary on the world around us; and yet they also sometimes open a window to the self! 

In this set of multi-layered work, Sonpimpare presented various awakenings and reflections triggered by the solitude attendant of contemporary times; also providing sensitive commentary on various contemporary events.”

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