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(Ravi Vaibhav F.A.L Press)
Print on paper 
14 x 9.5" / 34.7 x 24 cms
early 20th c.
Condition report: Owing to its historic nature, the work is in fragile condition and is torn in several places. We have pasted this work on an archival board to prolong its life and prevent further damage. 
(The work will be shipped without a frame, packed flat in board)  

In western India: Dakor, Gujarat; the temple of Krishna as Ranchod-Rai highlights the worldly wisdom and tact of Krishna. This print (Ravi Vaibhav F.A.L Press, Mumbai / A.K Joshi and Company, Mumbai) sets up Ranchod-Rai in his glamorous abode: his actual temple which merges many architectural styles is further stylised here, presenting a spectacular setting for enshrining Krishna. Hanuman, Garuda and Vishnu flank him celestially. 

Reproduction rights reserved. 
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