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Radha Vallabh

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Radha Vallabh
Print on paper 
14 x 10" / 35.5 x 25 cms
20th c.
Condition report: Owing to its historic nature, the work is in fragile condition but shows little damage thus far. We recommend pasting this work on an archival board to prolong its life and prevent damage. Contact us for a costing for the same.  
(The work will be shipped without a frame, packed flat in board)  

This image takes us deep into the heart of Vrindavan, where Bhakti dances everyday in salutation to Krishna. The print (unknown source, and period) images the deity Radha Vallabh, the icon of Krishna established by Shri Hat Harivansh in the 16th century. As part of the influence of the Caitanyte tradition, for the first time, Radha was placed alongside Krishna in the sanctum sanctorum. In some temples, Radha would be in direct view of the devotee, and in yet others she would be hidden, in service to Krishna, and we would see her but she would be entirely covered in her Saree, not giving a direct darshan to the devotee. The Radha Vallabh temple is also inspired by this Caitanyite ethos: Radha is present at the feet of Krishna, but she is not directly visible, covered in textile finery, jewels and an elaborate crown. 
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