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Óskar Hallgrímsson: Kushti 1

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Óskar Hallgrímsson (Artist Profile)
Kushti 1
Archival print on Hahnemühle Photo Rag paper
Size Opt 1: 16 x 24” / 42 x 62 cms
Size Opt. 2: 24 x 36" / 62 x 92 cms
Edition of 6+1 AP each size option
(The work will be shipped without a frame, packed flat in board, or rolled in a tube). 
Artist’s Statement on the series: "The work is a collection of photographs made in the "Guru Bayase Akhada" school of wrestling, which is a traditional Indian mud wrestling school for fighters training in the wrestling style of ‘Pehlwani’ or

Kushti’ as it is usually referred to by the local people of Varanasi. Archeological findings date it back to as early as 3000 B.C making it one of the oldest forms of combat sport still practiced in the world.

Throughout the photos, the focus is on the physical strength of the wrestling students but also the vulnerability in their relationships with each other. The balance between the ferocity and the intimacy shows duality between the two polar opposites, and an innocent vulnerability despite its outward appearances. The soft touch and the sensual intensity of the movement displayed in the photographs, show the different forms of masculine relationships that can occur within close quarters."