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Olivia Fraser: Krishna 1,2,3

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Olivia Fraser (Artist Profile)
Krishna 1,2,3 (Set of three works)
Lithograph on paper
27” x 18” / 69 x 46 cms. each 
Edition of 100

(The work will be shipped without a frame, packed flat in board, or rolled in a tube).  

Trees are frequently associated with gods in India and there are different tales and myths about them. In Rajasthan there's a story that Shiva and Parvati were making love when they were interrupted by the gods. Furious, Parvati cursed them and they became trees: Brahma became a Peepal tree and Vishnu became a mango tree. 

In this series of works, the artist has depicted Krishna as a mango tree, following a traditional iconographic representation of Krishna surrounded by his cows (being a cowherd). 

The circle represents a sacred space. Hence, the canopy of leaves is depicted in a circular manner. Cows are often painted with spots (or hand-impressions) and we see this depiction in this image as well. 

The colours reflect the natural colours as well as blue and gold; considered to be associated with Krishna and divinity. 

The series features three works. The other works are listed separately on the website, and can be purchased individually as well. The set, as listed here is available at a discounted pricing.