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Olivia Fraser: Banyan Tree

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Olivia Fraser (Artist Profile)
Banyan Tree
Lithograph on paper
27” x 18” / 69 x 46 cms.
Edition of 100
(The work will be shipped without a frame, packed flat in board, or rolled in a tube). 
Just like Krishna can be portrayed as a mango tree, Shiva is linked to the banyan tree. Ultimately this association with divinity is a reflection of the way the elements of a landscape (trees, mountains, rivers etc.) have such a precious but everyday sacred connection in India. Shiva is the god of destruction but also he dances the world back again into rebirth /renewal.

The banyan tree represents all of this with its ash grey colouring but blooming green canopy and red tipped roots! The artist has depicted the canopy of leaves in a protective umbrella like shape, with the aerial roots representing Shiva's matted dreadlocks and being similar in colour and sinuousness to the two confronting snakes- which, like the cows with Krishna, are creatures very much associated with Shiva. They have malachite eyes.