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Moon Face 2

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Moon Face 2
(Unknown printing press)
Print on paper 
18 x 13" / 45 x 33 cms
early 20th c.
Condition report: Owing to its historic nature, the work is in fragile condition but shows little damage thus far. We recommend pasting this work on an archival board to prolong its life and prevent damage. Contact us for a costing for the same.  
(The work will be shipped without a frame, packed flat in board)  

Moon Face 2, bears European influences in imaging Krishna's divine presence, but presents a more well-rounded approach to his depiction, which is perhaps closer to the vernacular idiom. Krishna here, bedazzled with glitter added on the print, is encapsulated in the cosmic sound Om: a reminder that the form is meant to take us to the ultimate formless, eternal state. Compare the lavish mukut (crown) here with the restrained one from Moon Face 1; and observe how here he holds his clothing in a carefree manner, unlike the careful drape in  Moon Face 1. The source of the image is unknown, but it is stamped with the dealer’s information on the reverse: “K.T. Ramaswamy Iyer and Sons. Handloom Swadeshi Cloth Merchants, Madura”; date unknown: estimated to be early 20th century. 
Reproduction rights reserved. 
Kindly contact us for customised reproductions of this artwork.
This artwork can be paired with  Moon Face 1 to create a diptych. The other works are listed separately on the website, and the price listed here is for a single artwork only.