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Leheriya Tent Dress 1

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Leheriya Dress 1
Fabric: Jute Silk (70% Jute, 30% Silk)
Anupama Bose is a leading Leheriya revivalist designer, who has been working with traditional master-craftsmen from Jaipur for several decades. The craft of Leheriya, which involves a dexterous tie and dye process to achieve intricate designs is highly labour intensive, and is extremely popular in Rajasthan. The high level of skill involved in this craft makes it special, and today, very few dyers of repute exist, who can create detailed traditional patterns with mind-boggling techniques. Bose works with these craftsmen, harnessing the traditional technique and knowledge and yet, adding a contemporary flavour to the craft with her interventions in colour, composition, and garment design. 

The fabrics for this collection, are custom dyed for the particular silhouettes, hence making the pieces very special, as the dyeing is pre-planned as per the garment construction. In addition, the fabrics used for the collection are also very unique, as they range from Kota-tussar to Jute Silk; and are atypical for the Leheriya repertoire; and reflect Bose's penchant for innovative fabric development. Azo-free dyes are used in the dyeing process.
Care: Dry clean only.
Product colour may vary slightly from the picture and the product may have slight imperfections and variations in pattern, being hand-crafted.