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Lac Boxes

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Lac Boxes from Jaipur
Ply wood boxes with inner velvet lining, lac and mirror-work exterior
Size options: 3.5 x 3.5" / 4" x 4" / Other sizes also available on request
Product weight: App. 250 gms (3.5"); 350 gms (4")
The Maniharon ka Rasta, in the walled city of Jaipur is a lane of bangle makers using the traditional craft of lac work. Over time, the industry has diversified from the original lac bangles to various other functional and decorative products. These boxes, with lac and mirror work are an example of the craft's people interventions in this arena. 

Use these lac boxes to store jewellery, or use them as display accents in your home.
Note: Designs imaged here are for representational purpose only, and your order may feature different designs, depending on current available stock. However, the weight and quality of the product will be similar.
If you would like to see the exact designs available, please email us (or use the whatsapp chat function) to check available designs of this product.
Discounted pricing for bulk and gift orders.
Owing to its handmade nature, the product will have its own irregularities and imperfections.