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Krishna Advertising Image

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Krishna Advertising Image
Print on paper 
20 x 13.5" / 51 x 34.6 cms
early 20th c.
Condition report: Owing to its historic nature, the work is in fragile condition but shows little damage thus far. We recommend pasting this work on an archival board to prolong its life and prevent damage. Contact us for a costing for the same.  
(The work will be shipped without a frame, packed flat in board)  

In Krishna Advertising Image, we see his divine personage used in a vintage 20th c. poster for Srivi’s Amla Hair Oil. Printing presses, inspired by the master Ravi Varma himself, very often reconfigured pre-existing imagery to suit different purposes. This is at play here, and as we are lucky to also have the master artwork from which this figure of Krishna was borrowed, in our collection: Sarv Vyapak Krishna by Chonker Art Studio, Bombay; we can compare notes. The figure of Krishna is lifted from this work, and colourised differently to fit the visual requirements of creating a new poster for hair oil!
Reproduction rights reserved. 
Kindly contact us for customised reproductions of this artwork.