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Khakhas: Set of 8 drawings

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Khakhas: Set of 8 drawings
Drawing on paper
5.3 x 8.3" / 21 x 13.5 cms each
Available as a set or individually

A fascinating sub-genre that is part of the Nathdwara school is that of Khakhas - artist’s studies or preparatory sketches. These sketches would be executed by artists as studies for a Pichvai, or as practice compositions to improve their skills. 

Khakhas could be very technical, with artists practising their drawing skills in a grid like composition; or more creative in exploring various versions of a theme before the final decision was made as to how a theme was to be visually depicted in the final work. Sometimes, watercolour works which were final artworks in their own right, and not studies for a Pichvai, would also be referred to as Khakhas. Gradually, some artists also started making Khakhas for the sole purpose of selling these works,  and in that sense, they were not made as studies or practice sketches, but as an imitation of the same!

This series presents a set of 8 Khakhas which gives a glimpse into the variant process of technique and content, visual and emotive configurations; that the practice of making Khakhas embodies. 

Four of them depict various permutations and combinations in depicting the story of Daan-Leela: when Krishna stops the Gopis who are smuggling butter out of Braj for commercial gains, in an act that not only fulfills his selfish love for dairy produce; but also makes a case in point for guarding local produce for local consumption!

We then see two sketches each of two other themes: the first one being Govardhan Leela, where Krishna lifts up Mount Govardhan to save the people of Braj from seven days of torrential rain that Indra unleashed upon the land; secondly, we see baby Krishna along with his friends, the Gopas of Braj, stealing butter.

The Khakhas can be displayed as a set to highlight their process based function, or even individually. 
(The work will be shipped without a frame, packed flat in board)  
Reproduction rights reserved. 
Kindly contact us for customised reproductions of this artwork.