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Jayant Gupta: Revolving: Inner Space – Outer Space

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Jayant Gupta (Artist Profile)
Revolving: Inner Space – Outer Space
Mixed Media
71 x 43 x 6" / 180 X 110 x 15 cms
Artist Statement: “In my small experience of life, I have come across some strange revelations about myself in the way I perceive the world and respond to it. There is a strange conflict which affects me psychologically. I try to question my rational mind and the very idea of knowledge, how our emotions exist in the universal condition, how myth and faith still matter in this technological world. The way I see it, our reality exists in a space where these seemingly conflicting elements intersect. From this position, my work is an attempt in questioning our analysis of history, mythological importance of the cosmos, mysteries of light and darkness, all within the fragile condition of the human experience. I believe in the idea that internally, the human body functions like the mysterious cosmos itself. I revolve around this inner space and outer space while constantly struggling to find my own space.”
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