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Dwarkadhish Manorath (Nathdwara)

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Dwarkadhish Manorath (Nathdwara school)
Watercolour on paper
24 x 17.5" / 61 x 44 cms
Condition report: The work is in very good condition, but has a few minor tears. Please contact us for detailed images.
(The work will be shipped without a frame, packed flat in board)
The image presents a Khakha (technically a term used for preparatory sketches / studies before the actual making of the Pichvai) depicting Shri Dwarkadish ji. Dwarkadish ji is a form of Krishna, and this deity is one of the seven main deities of the Pushti marg, the main deity being Shrinathji of Nathdwara. Dwarkadish ji is worshiped at Kankroli, a town near Nathdwara, Rajasthan. The priests perform the service at this altar, and a large crowd of visitors / devotees awaits for the lord’s darshan.
While most of the women devotees are dressed in traditional Indian clothes, the men’s clothing displays a far greater variety, spanning from traditional dhotis and kurtas, to slightly more westernized forms of upper garments and headgear.
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