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Cobalt Design - Tea Light Holders

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Cobalt Design - Tea Light Holders
All designs: dia app. 4" x 0.75" h
Product Weight: Zinnia: app. 78 gms; Parmanu Concave: 50 gms, Parmanu Convex: 75 gms per unit 
Contemporary Tea Light Holders by Cobalt Designs

ZINNIA: belongs to the Aster Family of flowers, and this Tea-light holder is inspired by the arrangement of its corona, which follows the Fibonacci sequence.

Zinnia is available in one colour option (black) only.

PARMANU: This contemporary tea-light holder is inspired by the Jain belief that our bodies are made up of an aggregation of atoms (parmanu) and soul (jeeva). The Soul is contained within its form, then further covered with atoms. It is only when these bonds of atoms break that the soul frees itself from the cycle of  birth, death and rebirth.

Parmanu Concave and Convex are available in Black, Green Patina, and Gold Finish, as per availability.


Please email us (or use the whatsapp chat function) to check available colour / patina options of this product; or let us select for you.