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Blue Pottery Wall Art Plate 1 (8")

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Blue Pottery Wall Art Plate 1: Gaiyaa (Cow)
Painted Porcelain
8" diameter x 2" h
Product Weight: app. 500 grams 
Blue Pottery is a craft unique to Jaipur, but is inspired by Central Asian pottery techniques. The craft uses stone powder, glass, earth and other binding agents, and the pottery items are glazed. Traditionally, the craft used largely floral and geometric designs, inspired by Islamic art; but today the design vocabulary encompasses a more contemporary approach as it includes figurative elements, and other artistic interventions. 
The plate can be used as wall art, and has a small perforation at the reverse, so as to hang it on a wall. It can also be displayed on a table using a stand, and can also function as a serving plate.
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