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Bibhu Patnaik: Gangotri to Kolkata

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Bibhu Patnaik (Artist Profile)
Gangotri to Kolkata
Gouache on Wasli paper
12 x 9" / 31 x 21 cms
Part of the जल देवी (Water Goddess) Curation as part of The Monsoon Festival 16

Bibhu Patnaik's Gangotri to Kolkata, another new curation for the festival by a contemporary artist, presents another new interpretation of classical iconographies. As per the artist's statement: “This painting has evolved from a famous temple sculpture Statue of Ganga at the Jagannatha Temple at Puri, Odisha. Pattachitra, the traditional painting of Odisha, follows a character which is quite distinct from temple sculptures. I have tried here to transform the compelling sculptural image into the subtle and lyrical temperament of Pattachitra. A contemporary map of the river Ganga flowing from Gangotri to Kolkata; and circular motifs which symbolise water; form the background of the image."
(The work will be shipped without a frame, packed flat in board)  
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