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Bal Krishna 2

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Bal Krishna 2
(Ravi Uday Press)
Print on paper 
14 x 9.7" / 35.5 x 24.5 cms
early 20th c.
Condition report: Owing to its historic nature, the work is in fragile condition but shows little damage thus far. We recommend pasting this work on an archival board to prolong its life and prevent damage. Contact us for a costing for the same.  
(The work will be shipped without a frame, packed flat in board)  

Bal Krishna 2 presents the same scene as Bal Krishna 1 in a flatter style, with lesser realism and infused with a more drawing-like quality; in bold primary hues of yellow, red and green. The flatness of colour makes this closer to the Tanjore style in some ways; and yet the print harnesses the textures and detailing that the contemporary 20th century printing processes afforded.
Krishna conforms to the classical image of Bal Gopal: holding a pot of butter in one hand, and about to devour a ball of butter which he holds in his other hand. This vintage print is ascribed to the Ravi-Uday Press, Ghatkopar; printed by A.K Joshi and Company, Mumbai.
Reproduction rights reserved. 
Kindly contact us for customised reproductions of this artwork.
This artwork can be paired with Bal Krishna 1 and Bal Krishna 3, versions of the theme of Bal Krishna in different styles.
The other works are listed separately on the website, and the price listed here is for a single artwork only.