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Óskar Hallgrímsson (Profile)

Óskar Hallgrímsson (b. 1982, Reykjavik, Iceland)



About his work

Óskar Hallgrímsson is an Icelandic photographer, with a varied experience in multiple disciplines. Óskar grew up and spent most of his former years in Iceland surrounded by beautiful landscape and 24-hour summer light. Due to its small population Iceland has forced its creatives to meld together and work in all kinds of disciplines. With an extensive career in the creative industry spanning over two decades, Óskar has worked in the world of art, design, photography and filmmaking.

Over the past 5 years Óskar has focused more on private projects, mainly in Asia, that are of a documentary nature with a touch of fine art. Instead of focusing on documenting the truest and most accurate form of events, like a true documentarian, the focus of the work is usually about setting up a question, looking at things without a final answer, to leave the viewer of the work to wonder and come up with their own version of the story.



  • Bachelor of Arts (Visual Communication); Iceland University of Arts (Topper); 2015
  • Reykjavik Technical College (Media Studies, Photography); 2004


Solo Exhibitions

  • Nude Nature; Gallery Tukt, Reykjavík; 2004
  • Dubai Migrant; Gallery Port, Reykjavík; 2016
  • Hello, Love You Forever; Gallery Port, Reykjavík; 2019


Selected Group Exhibitions

  • SóttQueen; Icelandic Art Center, Reykjavík; 2020
  • Hello, Love You Forever; Kyiv International Photobook Festival; 2019
  • A3; Artíma Gallery, Reykjavík; 2011
  • Raunveruleikatékk / Reality Check; Reykjavik Art Festival; 2010


Other Achievements

  • Books and Zines: No Swimming (2020); Manly (2019); Hello, Love You Forever (2019); Bombay (2017); Reykjavík Rocks (2011)
  • Freelance photographer and graphic designer (Notable clients include: Iceland Air, BBC, The Guardian, The Reykjavík Grapevine); 2004 onwards
  • Executive Producer of documentary series (Harmageddon TV), 365 Media; 2013–2014
  • Designer / Art director: Insignia World Wide (Dubai), Ministry of New (Mumbai); 2016-2017
  • Instructor; Tashkeel (Dubai); 2017