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Aparna Jayakumar (Profile)

Aparna Jayakumar



Aparna Jayakumar is a photographer from Mumbai now based in Bangalore. She straddles both spheres of art and commerce. Her camera allows her access to different worlds - from rundown taxis to luxury designer cars, from daily wage immigrant workers to Bollywood superstars, from reluctant Bengali office-goers to billionaire tycoons. It is this depth and diversity of human existence that Jayakumar seeks to capture in her images.

Jayakumar studied Photography, Film and Art History in India and Greece. In 2009, she was nominated from India for the international Prix Prictet award. She has spent many years on Bollywood film sets as a publicity photographer. She is a photography educator and has initiated community outreach programs using the photographic medium.

Her work has been exhibited at galleries worldwide; her last solo show of Goodbye Padmini was at the Bakehouse Art Complex in Miami, USA during the time of ArtBasel.