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Ajay Dhandre (Profile)

Ajay Dhandre (b. 1977, India)
About his work
Ajay Dhandre’s work represents a lasting predilection towards futuristic, technological and science fiction inspired imagery. He playfully merges forms: organic and inorganic; natural and man-made; real and imagined; flora, fauna and human forms: to create works that never fail to inspire curiosity, albeit verging on the aspect of the morbid, mutilated and grotesque.  

To quote art critic Ranjit Hoskote,  “Dhandre’s interest in chimeras, hybrids, and devices is significant, it articulates his understanding of the future as an outcome of crossovers, genetic experiments, laboratory side-effects and the confluence of diverse impulses […] The acceptance of hybridity brings with it, of course, the awareness that the celebration of diversity is edged with the menace of the unknown, the peril of the unforeseen, the difficulties of negotiating predicaments without precedent.” (2007, catalogue essay)

  • Master of Fine Arts (Painting); CISFA College of Art, Nagpur; 2018
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (Painting); Government College of Art, Nagpur; 2001
Solo Exhibitions
  • The Creator Series; Art Musings, Mumbai; 2017
  • Artist of the Month;; 2009
  • Museum Gallery, Mumbai; 2007
Selected Group Exhibitions
  • 20th Anniversary Show; Art Musings, Mumbai; 2019
  • Black and White II; Art Musings, Mumbai; 2019
  • Quatro II; Art Musings, Mumbai; 2013
  • Labyrinths Urban-Organic; 1x1 Art Gallery, Dubai; 2009
  • The Miniature Format Show; SansTache Art Gallery, Mumbai; 2009
  • Third Life; Bombay Art Gallery, Mumbai; 2008
  • Millennium Turks; Art Konsult, New Delhi; 2008
  • Project 88, Mumbai; 2007
  • Does size matter?; Art Konsult, New Delhi & Mumbai; 2007
  • Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi; 2005, 2003
  • Bharat Bhawan, Bhopal; 2004, 2003
Scholarships, Residencies, Other Achievements
  • Asta Guru online auction; 2015-2016
  • Camac-Centre D’Art, France ; 2011
  • Ratan Tata Foundation Travel Grant; 2011
  • Slums of Hope and Lend-a-Hand Charity Auction, New York; 2011
  • Sotheby’s Auction, London; 2009
  • 6th Bharat Bhavan International Biennial Of Print, Bhopal; 2004
  • 5th Kanagawa Biennial, Japan; 1988