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Sanjeev Sonpimpare: The Memory Doesn’t Ever Fade Away

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Sanjeev Sonpimpare
The Memory Doesn’t Ever Fade Away 1-4
Mixed media (Newspaper, Charcoal, House-paint) on Archival Paper
22 x 30”
(The works will be shipped without a frame, packed flat or rolled in a tube). 
Sonpimpare’s works issue powerful social commentary with a fantastic spin on the Kadahi utensil as lifeboat vessel, and the paddle-Karchi (ladle). Memories of loss, death, destruction emerge.
Artist’s Statement: These works recall the memories of the flood deluge in Mumbai during the 2005 Monsoon. I have made an attempt to connect those memories with the current time. The lower areas of Mumbai city, roads, railway tracks, the interiors of the shanties and houses were all submerged under water. It was a terrible situation where working class commuters were stuck on the roads and in offices. When I look at it today, the day-to-day life scenario appears similar on ground zero. But there are realities of today that are reflected in these works: I’ve used the discarded parts of the mannequin, as a metaphor for “the broken people”, the masses who suffer immense hardships. Issues of employment and survival present themselves in the works.
The “Kadhai” is akin to a lifeboat that saves us from the flood, and is also a metaphor for “Rozi-Roti” / employment.
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