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Prajakta Palav: Untitled

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Prajakta Palav
Acrylic on Manjarpat
36 x 60”
(The works will be shipped without a frame, packed flat or rolled in a tube). 
Palav paints a hazy monsoon-scape looking out from her car wind-shield. 
Artist’s Statement: I was always interested in seeing the forms of water bodies in Bombay. Subconsciously, l connect these water bodies with blue tarpaulin we find ubiquitously in Bombay. Water does not flow in Bombay. lt clots, like blood. In this work on Manjarpat, I look out from the windshield of a car. The thickened water like texture is predominant in the foreground, and the hazy monsoon view of the city and nature emerges thereafter.
Reproduction rights reserved.