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Jayant Gupta: The Unknown Horizon (Artist Zine)

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Jayant Gupta (Artist Profile)
The Unknown Horizon (Artist Zine)
Digital offset print on 160 gsm Rendezvous paper
6 × 8” / 16 x 21 cms (featuring images of 9 works)
Edition of 100 (signed and numbered by the artist)
View the Zine design here
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Artist's Statement: "As the whole world underwent a deep anxiety because of an invisible threat; I channelled my artistic inquiry towards introspecting the profound realities of life and the delicate environment we live in.

After the initial phase of the totalitarian lockdown, the Chaturmas period arrived, which according to Indian mythology, is a time for self-isolation and penance, when people practice some form of abstinence. The lockdown experience raised questions about what mankind really needs; in contrast to the external influences that manipulate our desires.

My personal struggle is to understand my own internal conflicts of modern-day emotions reflecting materiality, violence and alienation contextual to this time and space. My creative efforts are to invite viewers to evaluate their own personal positions in this crumbled situation through an evocative enquiry of their inner selves today.

Evolutionarily my painterly space has amassed a dark and mystical character of abstract expressionism around itself. It embodies a sense of void, a juxtaposition of classical and diversified compositional structures, defined and obscure perspectives; mostly in a somewhat homochromatic palette.

In this body of work, I start from a photographic image which I have captured or collected over the course of time and work with it towards making it an element of my visual composition. Elements like lines, doodles, patches; layer up to create an expressive visual language. The works are conceived through a process of negotiated and curated automatism such that those visual elements act as a voice for my undefined thoughts."

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