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Debarchan Rout: Revelry

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Debarchan Rout (Artist Profile


Acrylic on Canvas

60 x 42″ / 107 x 152 cms



(The work will be shipped without a frame, rolled in a tube). 


Artist’s Statement: Monsoon is not just a season in India: it’s a celebration; a joyous occasion. Monsoon 2020 has been attendant with the gloom of the Lockdown, and sometimes it felt as if that prevented us from celebrating the season to its fullest. One secretly, innocently wished that the pandemic would vanish with the rain; and that the rain would wash away the sorrow; giving us new new hope to celebrate life. Nevertheless, by painting Revelry, an unalloyed classical celebration of the rain, I fulfilled my desire to pay a celebratory tribute to this season. I borrowed the dancing images from Nainsukh’s 18th century masterpiece Dancing Villagers to recreate the image in my own way for Revelry

Curatorial Statement: Over the years, Rout has developed an original personal artistic vocabulary, primarily by merging large format realism or rather abstract realism with Indian iconography, borrowed from folk or miniature traditions. With Revelry, we see this high style in full force: the multi-layered amorphously delicate rendition of the clouds and the abstracted landscape becomes the perfect ground for the dancing figures inspired by miniature traditions to offer the most unalloyed joy. In the most self-assured vein, Rout fearlessly and inspirationally borrows from tradition, and playfully interprets it to make it his own.


Reproduction rights reserved.


Prints of this artwork are available here