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Home Temple

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Vibhuti Sachdev
मंदिर (Home shrine / temple)
Height (including Kalash): 27 inches; Width (at chhajja / eave): 22 inches; Depth: 12 inches
Made on order only. Please allow 3-4 months for order execution. 
These products designed by architect Vibhuti Sachdev work with the premise of celebrating beauty in the everyday, in objects of daily use at home. Handcrafted by master craftsmen in Jaipur, the products are the result of a long term engagement with architectural and craft traditions of Jaipur.
This temple is designed for the home. It is ideal as a small sacred shrine that facilitates moments of reflection and meditative prayers. Following the design principles of Vastu Vidya, all of its parts from the plinth to the Kalash are related to each other in dimension. The Vedika or the Bangaldar roof and the columns are inspired by the architecture of the old palace at Amer. The tiles on the back wall are inspired by Sikandra (near Agra), and their pattern reflects the side panels of brass jaali (lattice) work. These tiles are made using the famous Jaipur blue pottery technique.

The Ruida wood used for the temple is specific to the arid land around Jaipur, and adopts a deep patina with age. The oil of this wood is red in colour, and is used in curing skin allergies and rashes. It is naturally termite resistant, and exudes a purifying vapour. The base of the temple is a slab of white marble for easy cleaning. The ceiling has a round brass ring for hanging a bell or a lamp. The auspicious brass birds holding pomegranates represent abundance.
Colour may vary slightly from the picture and the products may have slight imperfections and variations in pattern, being hand-crafted.