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Krishna Badges (Set of 4)

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Krishna Badges (Set of 4)

Size: 2.5" diameter 



Krishna’s Imprint: tales of his divine personage through the medium of vintage 19th / 20th century prints 


Moon Face 1: An arresting visage of Krishna, designed to create a mesmerising effect, this image presents a happy meeting of the two visual worlds of the Occident and the Orient. The subject is of course very Indian, subscribing to traditional iconography; but the rendering is heavily inspired by European painting, as we encounter a very fair Krishna with European facial features, a dainty stylised crown, robed very properly like a gentleman.

Bal Krishna: The classic image of Krishna as a child, holding a pot of butter in one hand, and a ball of butter in his other hand. The figure of Krishna with its very South-Indian jewellery is inspired by the robustness of the Tanjore style. The colour palette uses bold primary hues of yellow, red and green. 

Muralidhar: a charming and now rare rendition of the fluting Krishna set in a natural landscape.

Vishnu: The supreme godhead, Vishnu, is seated in a graceful reclining pose on the Shesha-naga serpent, while Lakshmi attends to him. The lord is seen in all his glory, sporting the classical emblems of lotus, conch, and mace.