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The Monsoon Festival 17: Mumbai x Monsoon — Monsoon

The Monsoon Festival 17 : Curatorial Note

After the arrival of monsoon (one of the world’s most unique and complex meteorological phenomenon) at the shores of Kerala; the next landmark moment for the clouds truly, at least culturally, is the tryst with Mumbai. The natural topography of the island city, as well as the urban matrix of the city lends itself to creating a rich monsoon culture unparalleled elsewhere in the country. Festive, bountiful; invigorating (and providing relief from sultry climate-changed summers circa 2022); and yet troublesome, unwieldy, destructive and fierce; the monsoon creates a rich narrative in the maximum city. The love-hate relationship the city shares...

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The Monsoon Room @ Method Bandra (24 Sept - 16 Oct 2022)

THE MONSOON ROOM Photography, graphics and drawings come together to paint a poem of the city in the rain   METHOD BANDRA Shop No.5, Pearl Haven Apartments Chapel Rd, St Sebastian Colony Mount Mary, Bandra (W); Mumbai Google Maps   24 Sept - 16 Oct, 2022 Open all 7 days a week 8 am to 10 pm   Black coffee, and outside, the clouds brew in colours of gray melancholy, Turn up the volume, get that easy chair and look out of the window - From the sanctuary of this space, the city seems so meditative; The sea pans out...

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Badal Raag : Concert by Harpreet (Method Bandra, 25 Sept, 5 pm)

Badal Raag by Harpreet An intimate concert exploring monsoon awakenings   Sunday 25 Sept 2022; 5 pm   METHOD BANDRA Shop No.5, Pearl Haven Apartments Chapel Rd, St Sebastian Colony Mount Mary, Bandra (W); Mumbai Google Maps   Ticketed event. Please register in advance # 9821114562   Presented in association with Method Bandra  and Crave    Harpreet is an independent musician from India. He composes his own songs and music and includes the writings of contemporary as well as legendary poets. In a sense, Harpreet’s music is a bridge, an offering to his generation, to walk the path to a deeper life,...

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The Monsoon Festival 17: Decoding the Mumbai Monsoon Experience

ABOUT THE FESTIVAL  The Monsoon Festival, an initiative of Red Earth, celebrates its 17th edition in 2022.  A well-established cultural festival, with editions spanning Delhi, Mumbai and Jaipur since 2006, it receives critical and popular acclaim. The multi-arts festival foregrounds the diverse experiences of India’s grandest season through multiple mediums of artistic creativity; rekindling classical sensibilities as well as celebrating contemporary expression.   Red Earth is an independent arts organisation based in Jaipur and Mumbai, which engages with diverse forms of cultural expression, from Indian contemporary art to design, performing arts, educational programmes, and other experiential projects.   TMF 17:...

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The Mumbai Monsoon @ Tao Art Gallery (8-23 Oct 2022)

THE MUMBAI MONSOON A visual art exhibition documenting the matrix of Mumbai’s Love-Hate Monsoon Experience   At  TAO ART GALLERY 165, The View, Dr Annie Besant Road; Worli, Mumbai Google Maps   8 - 23 October, 2022 Open all 7 days a week  11 am to 6 pm   The centrepiece of the festival, this exhibition, featuring Mumbai artists addresses the central thematic premise of this edition of the festival: to capture the mega-Mumbai monsoon experience in all its manifestations.   The exhibition features established artists, working in diverse mediums.  The artworks featured in the project include painting, drawing, photography,...

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