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The Monsoon Festival 16

An inter-disciplinary, multi-sensory celebration of the varied awakenings of the Indian monsoon; Red Earth’s The Monsoon Festival is now in its sixteenth edition.

Next week onwards, we unveil a sequential online curation of art and design; centred around some monsoon leitmotifs we have chosen to focus on for this edit:

Water Goddess / जल देवी 

Clouds / मेघ 

Monsoon Man Krishna / सावनाधिराज कृष्ण

Lovers: in the Rain, in the Pandemic / संप्रति प्रेम 

Tie and Dye Waves / लहरिया 

We present a fresh, breezy jam: the weathered classical notes of a Malhaar; new phraseologies; all concocted into a heady remix!

In anticipation, we leave you with a playlist of Monsoon melodies - raag Malhar ke Prakar from the Hindustani tradition; do follow us on Spotify and watch out for more monsoon inspired playlists this season! 



Read more about the playlist curation

The festival logo this year is a visual representation of the musical phrase “Ma-re-pa” that is the characteristic signature of the Malhaar group of ragas. Malhaar is inextricably linked with the Indian monsoon experience; listen in and soak yourself!

Signing off for this week, we leave you with our retrospective curations from the previous years of the festival.

Explore the time machine; and last year’s special online curation Lockdown Chaumasa