Home-made colour from marigold petals

100% pure

1 kilo gulaal contains the best of 30 kgs of flowers, probably the purest gulaal ever!

Can be used for

  • Holi (colour play – use as dry or wet colour!)
  • Rangoli (floor decorations)
  • Painting (by soaking it for a while)
  • In the temple for worship
  • And much more – celebrate the versatile genda!

Holi 2012

  • Play Holi with Genda Gulaal.
  • Celebrate Naturally!
  • Genda is good for people, plants & parties!
  • It brings magical good luck!

VARIETIES (See pics below)

  1. Narangi / Orange – Consistency: F
  2. Basanti / Yellow - Consistency: F
  3. Bhagva – Maroon Colour – Consistency: F
  4. Triple Genda Mix – 3 marigold colours mixed together. Consistency: M
  5. Rose-Genda Mix – Desi Indian roses with marigolds. Consistency: M
  6. Seedy Gulaal – Crushed whole flowers of all three mariogold colours, along with seeds. Play Seedy Gulaal in your garden and watch the Gendas grow! Consistency: C.
  • F – fine, almost powder like, with tiny petal bits
  • M – medium, contains bigger petal bits.
  • C- coarse, contains bigger petal bits, seeds and flower parts.

PACKAGING & PRICING (See pics below)

  • By the Kilo
  • Packed in plastic bags.
  • Price: Rs. 3000 per kilo / Rs. 600 per kilo (Seedy Gulaal)
  • Earthern Handi
  • Can be re-used as a container / flower vase.
  • Contains 100 gms. Total app. weight: 650 gms.
  • Price: Rs. 400 (Types 1-5) / Rs. 200 (Seedy Gulaal)
  • Chai Glass
  • Can be re-used as a tea glass.
  • Contains about 25 gms. Total app. weight: 150 gms.
  • Price: Rs. 100 (Types 1-5) / Rs. 60 (Seedy Gulaal)
  • Only available for bulk quantity orders, minimum 50.
  • Chai Set (Contains all six types)
  • Can be reused as a tea glass set, comes along with stand.
  • Contains about 150 gms. in all. Total app. weight: 1100 gms.
  • Price: Rs. 650/-
  • Cloth Potli (Courier friendly)
  • Can be reused as a jewellery pouch / purse, made with tissue and brocade. Pouch design may vary but will be of similar quality.
  • Contains about 200 gms of gulaal. Total app. weight: 300 gms.
  • Rs.1000 (Types 1-5) / Rs. 400 (Seedy Gulaal)



  • Email us your order with choice of varieties and packaging.
  • Courier / delivery charges extra as applicable. We can courier gifts on your behalf.
  • Customisation and personal message facility also available.
  • For orders / inquiries contact 91-11-41764054 /

(Images by Supriya Consul, click on image to enlarge)

Six types of Gulaal

Earthern Handi Packaging

Earthern Handi Packaging with Descriptive Tag

Earthern Handi Packaging

Chai Glass Packaging

Chai Set Packaging

Chai Set Packaging with 6 types of Gulaal

Chai Set Packaging

Potli Packaging

Potli Packaging with Inner Plastic Bag