• Celebrating Traditional Spring Festivals
  • Saving The Flower Markets of Delhi
  • Walks, Tours, and Other Explorations…

Seasons in India are not meteorological entities, but experiential universes that encapsulate festivals, culture, religions; celebrations that bring man and nature together. The Indian spring is one such infinite experience of joy, newness and life. The Spring Festival 2011 takes you on this flower filled journey…

From the burst of the first yellow and mustard at Basant Panchami, a syncretic celebration with Khwaja Nizamuddin and Saraswati,

To ever increasing bursts of colour till a veritable explosion at Holi, gallivanting in the land of Krishna, and colouring our very own Delhi,

Followed by a nice rosy pink prologue of Gulabi Chaitra,

Come celebrate the romance of the Indian spring with Red Earth, and The Genda Phool Project…